Tips For Tackling Workout-Induced Acne Breakouts

When your daily workout has turned into a blemish-inducing nightmare, you're not alone. Many people find that their normal exercise routine leads to breakouts, particularly due to sweat and dirt clogging the pores. Luckily, that doesn't mean that you're stuck with your post-routine acne struggles. Here are some tips to help you avoid acne breakouts after your workout routine in the future.

Don't Skip the Showers

Always make a point to hit a shower immediately after your workout. If you're struggling with problem acne, this is your first line of defense. By washing your skin completely right after the workout, you'll flush away most of the sweat, dirt and debris that would otherwise settle into and clog your pores. When left alone, these create a great breeding ground for acne, so banish the blemishes by showering post-workout and using a gentle facial wash.

Tone Your Face, Too

Your workout is great for toning your body, but when it comes to avoiding breakouts, you'll need to tone your face, too. Invest in an acid-based toner to wipe your face down post-workout. By treating your face with a toner product like this every day, you will be able to reach and wash away the particles that settle deep into your pores.

Avoid The Oil

Once you've showered and applied a toner to your face, skip the oil-based moisturizers. If you need to moisturize, opt for an oil-free product that's lightweight. Make sure that you only apply moisturizer after your body has cooled down so you're not trapping sweat under the moisturizer when you rub it in.

Embrace the Natural Look

While you may feel like you want to look your best when you hit the gym, applying any kind of oil-based makeup before your workout is just asking for a breakout. By embracing your natural skin and avoiding the cosmetics when you work out, your skin is better able to breathe, which is essential for sweat escaping your pores. Otherwise, you're going to be trapping everything in and causing acne.

Dress For the Occasion

The clothes that you wear when you work out can also affect your breakout risks. Opt for clothing that breathes easily, because you need to let your skin breathe. Don't choose anything that's going to hold moisture against your skin, either. Look for lightweight fabrics, and practice the less-is-more approach. The more skin is exposed to the air, the better your skin can breathe.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of post-workout acne. If it still plagues you after making changes like these, talk with a dermatologist about other options. To find out more, contact a professional like the ones at Appearance Dermatology