3 Pregnancy Related Symptoms Your OBGYN Can Help You With

When you are pregnant, your body may throw some curve balls at you, so to speak, that you may not be expecting. You are growing a baby, and because of this your body is going to need to make some adjustments and you will likely feel some different symptoms. If you are having some symptoms that you are struggling with, and that you can't seem to get under control, you can just ask your OBGYN. This article will discuss 3 pregnancy related symptoms that your OBGYN can help you with. 


Constipation is a common symptom all throughout pregnancy because the hormone known as progesterone slows down your digestive system during pregnancy, making it more difficult for you to have a bowel movement. This can make you very sick and definitely isn't fun to deal with on top of all of your other pregnancy related symptoms. There are quite a few remedies to help with constipation that your OBGYN may suggest. One natural remedy is to increase your fiber to help flush out your system. This may make you bloated at first, but your body will adjust and it will help produce a bowel movement. If you find that this isn't working for you, you can try drinking prune juice, taking pregnancy safe stool softeners that your doctor will recommend, or taking a glycerin suppository to help remove a hard piece of stool that is blocking off future bowel movements. 

Problems With Foods

If you find that some foods are making you sick during pregnancy that don't normally make you sick, this may be a pregnancy induced food or digestive problem. For example, while some women may be fine with dairy when they aren't pregnant, they may be much more sensitive to it during pregnancy. Your OBGYN may recommend that you cut dairy out of your diet for a certain period of time so that you can see if this helps you to feel better. Keeping a food journal is also recommended to see exactly what foods make you sick. Your OBGYN may even suggest that you take a probiotic to help your body have the bacteria it needs to break down and digest your food easier. 


Heartburn is a very common pregnancy symptom, but many women aren't sure exactly what they can take to help with it. Your OBGYN may suggest avoiding spicy foods that can easily cause heartburn during pregnancy. If you don't normally have heartburn, then you can also take an over-the-counter acid reducer that will help to calm the acid in your stomach before and after meals. If you suffer from acid reflux all of the time, then you can continue taking your prescription acid reducer, as long as you check with your OBGYN to make sure it is safe for you to take during pregnancy. Contact a medical clinic, such as Wooster Obstetrics and Gynecology Inc, if you have questions about your pregnancy.