Making The Most Of Your Baby's 20 Week Ultrasound

While you may have elective ultrasounds earlier in pregnancy, for many expectant parents the 20 week ultrasound is "the big one." At this ultrasound, you will learn more about your baby's overall health and in many cases will even learn your baby's gender. Here are a few tips for making the most of this important milestone:

Don't Get Your Hopes Up About Gender

If you are hoping to learn your baby's gender, there is a good chance you will learn it at this ultrasound, but it's important to know this is not guaranteed. While many old wive's tales float around the internet instructing expectant moms to eat and drink specific things to encourage the baby to move around and reveal its gender, this is not something you can really control.

Your ultrasound tech will take their time and do what they can to encourage the baby into a position that shows its gender, but the baby may be sleeping or else moving around so much it's impossible to determine the gender with certainty. To avoid disappointment it's best to hold off on a gender reveal party or picking out a name until the next ultrasound, and if your baby does show its gender at 20 weeks, it can be a happy surprise.

Consider Asking for a 4D Ultrasound

You will most likely have your choice between a traditional ultrasound, a 3D ultrasound (which shows your baby's face in three dimensions), or a 4D ultrasound. A 4D ultrasound is the latest in baby ultrasound technology. This type of ultrasound gives you the clear imagery of a 3D ultrasound in the form of a movie you can watch on a DVD over and over. Since this type of ultrasound shows actual movement, you may be able to see your baby yawn, stretch, or wiggle around.

Be Prepared to Learn About Overall Health

At 20 weeks, your baby is developed enough for the ultrasound tech to identify that all major organs and overall growth are in the healthy range. If there is an abnormality detected, they will request further testing and possibly recommend that you speak with a genetic counselor. The good news is that for the majority of parents, the 20 week ultrasound reveals a healthy baby.

If anything unusual shows up, there is no need to panic as your ultrasound tech and doctor will help you to understand the situation and do what they can to ensure your baby has a healthy start in life.

By following these tips, you will help ensure that your baby's 20 week ultrasound is even more special.

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