Yikes! Unexplained Lower Back Pain In Children — A Guide For Parents

Lower back pain is something that many people associate with being an adult. This is why it can be scary for a parent to have their child report lower back pain to them, especially if there is not an obvious cause, such as an injury. The following are a few things that could cause your child to have this type of back pain.

Use of Heavy Items

If your child carries their school supplies in a backpack, it could be too heavy for them to carry on their back. Consider switching to a bookbag that has wheels on it to reduce the possible strain of carrying a heavy backpack. Perhaps you have a child who is an athlete. If they participate in activities such as weight lifting, it could be contributing to their lower back pain. Discuss your concern with their coach.  

Unknown Illness

A number of illnesses can cause lower back pain in children. These do not have to be incurable illnesses. For example, bladder and urinary tract infections can both cause lower back pain, and both of them can be cured by taking antibiotics. More serious illnesses that could cause lower back pain are diseases of the spine or back muscle conditions such as myofascitis. Surgical intervention or therapy may be needed for these issues. 

Foot Problems

If you have noticed odd wear patterns on your child's shoes, it may be a sign of a foot problem. Some foot problems such as flat feet and overpronation can cause back pain. There are orthotics that can improve the position of feet when wearing shoes. These devices can also help to minimize back pain that is caused by foot problems. 

Bad Posture

Your child may have bad posture as a result of an undiagnosed spinal condition such as scoliosis. Incorrect posture can also be due to sitting incorrectly while watching TV or slouching shoulders out of sheer habit. A back brace can be used to correct spinal conditions, and you can educate your child about incorrect posture and lower back pain if there is not a medical issue. 

Treatment of lower back pain in children may not be remedied as easily as it can be in adults. This is because certain pain medications are not ideal for children. It is also important to get a proper diagnosis. For example, do not assume that a backpack was the cause just because your child's back pain disappeared when they changed to a different bookbag style. If you do not get a proper diagnosis, it is possible for lower back pain to return in the future. It can be a matter of weeks, months, or even years. 

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