Common Concerns You May Have When Contemplating Botox Treatments

If you have some areas on the face that have contracted wrinkling and fine lines recently, you are most likely concerned about the new appearance you are displaying to others. Many find that getting Botox treatments is a great way to reduce the appearance of aging. If you are thinking about getting treatments yourself, you are bound to have some concerns about the procedure. Here is some information about some of the concerns most people have about this type of process that you can consult in an attempt to help you decide if treatments are right for you.

Wrinkles Will Be Minimized Right Away

Many wonder whether wrinkles between the eyes, at the corners of the mouth, or on the forehead will be visible at all after treatments are finished. A cosmetic surgeon will inject the Botox chemical directly into the wrinkled areas of the skin with a thin needle. The Botox will fill in these wrinkles immediately, instantly helping to stop the nerve endings in these areas from sending messages to the muscles nearby to move. When these signals are stopped, the muscles relax. This will make the face appear more youthful before you even leave your doctor's office.

Treatments Will Need to Be Repeated

Once you have a Botox treatment, the effects will remain for several months. Unfortunately, the treatment is not a permanent solution, so you will need to go back to your cosmetic surgeon for subsequent injections if you like the results you have gotten after your first session. When your muscles regain movement, you will feel a twitching feeling in any area where you had an injection. It is best to call your physician at this time to make an appointment for another session. If you wait too long, the results in injections you receive will not be as noticeable. If you get injections soon after the twitching sensation begins, full muscle control in these areas will not return, making the next treatment session as successful as the one prior to it.

In Time, Treatment Frequency Diminishes

If you get treatments regularly, your muscles will start to become trained to stay in the positions they are in when Botox is in place. This is a benefit for those who use these treatments, as there will not be a need to get them as frequently when this phenomenon takes place. It is important to ask your cosmetic surgeon to increase the amount of Botox used if you find that your muscles regain control more quickly than you had anticipated. Your surgeon will be able to tailor your injection dosage accordingly so injection sessions are not needed as frequently as a result.