Keeping Your Asthma Under Control: Helpful Tips To Try

If you have asthma, you may find it hard to breathe at times. There are certain things that might even trigger an attack, causing you to have to pull out an inhaler or even go to the emergency room for assistance. If you're trying to focus on keeping your asthma under control, try out some helpful tips. These different tips may possibly help you avoid experiencing some asthma attacks:

See an Asthma Doctor to Get More Information

Not everyone with asthma has the same triggers. What causes your asthma to get worse may not bother someone else with the condition. It's important to find out what types of things can and will trigger an attack. An asthma doctor may ask you to keep a journal about your asthma attacks while describing different things you may have come in contact with on those days, such as animals, dusty rooms, or even mold. The best way to prevent asthma attacks would be to avoid the things that trigger those attacks as much as you possibly can.

An asthma doctor may prescribe medication if at all necessary. There are different products, such as anti-inflammatory medications that may be prescribed to those with asthma. The type of prescription provided to you may depend on the severity of your asthma as well as other factors.

Keep the Home Clean to Avoid Dust Mites

They're not easy to see, but dust mites are often present in homes that aren't cleaned regularly. If you're unknowingly living in a home where dust mites are present, you could start to have asthma attacks quite often. Make sure to keep the home as clean as possible to keep the dust mites away. Vacuum carpets on a daily basis and use a handheld vacuum to clean dust from your furniture. Always wear a protective mask to cover your nose and mouth while you're cleaning so that you're not inhaling all of that dust.

Use Eucalyptus Oil in a Diffuser

Do you have an essential oil diffuser? If not, you may want to invest in a diffuser and a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil. The oil is great for people with asthma to use because it's known for being an anti-inflammatory product that works to reduce congestion while clearing the air. Not only does it smell wonderful, but using it in the home on a daily basis could help you with your goal of keeping your asthma under control.

If you have asthma and would like to try to keep it under control while preventing attacks, make sure you're seeing a specialist, keeping your home clean to keep the dust mites away, and using eucalyptus oil around the home. Although you cannot always predict when an asthma attack will occur, you can take preventative measure in an attempt to avoid having one in the first place.