Tips For Minimizing ED Issues With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then you should know that you are also at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. If you are diabetic and are having problems maintaining an erection, then you may need some medication such as Stendra that will assist you. However, there are a few things that you may want to try first to see if you are able to achieve an erection on your own.

Control Your Blood Sugar

Some individuals with diabetes do not control their blood sugar as well as they should. Unfortunately, this can directly affect the way that your penis is able to retain an erection. High blood sugar levels interfere with a great deal of functions, hormones, and chemicals that are released by the body. This includes nitric oxide release, which tells the blood vessels in the penis to become engorged. 

So, basically, diabetes suppresses nitric oxide, and not only will blood not flow significantly enough for you to form an erection, but the erection may not last as long as you like.

The easy solution is to keep your blood sugar in check. You want to keep the levels between about 100 and 140 if you can, and this means checking the levels often and administering insulin if and when you need it. 

Try keeping your blood sugar levels regulated for a few weeks to see if this helps with your ED situation. If you are having trouble controlling your blood sugar, then your doctor may need to add long-lasting insulin to your medical regimen.

Get Some Exercise

Diabetes can greatly affect your cardiovascular system. Specifically, poor circulation is common with individuals who are diabetic. This occurs due to the deposits that form on the insides of the blood vessels in response to elevated blood sugar. These deposits will reduce the flow of blood that makes its way through the lower portion of the body.

Reduced blood flow means less fluid making its way to the penis when you want to retain an erection.

The best way to combat this issue is to take part in some form of cardiovascular activity. Not only will this help to encourage good blood flow, but it can help you reduce your weight. Weight can cause some ED issues in a similar manner to diabetes.

You want to complete several hours of cardiovascular activity a week by running, swimming, cycling, or using a piece of exercise equipment. You want to maintain an elevated heart rate during the activity. Using a Fitbit or another kind of activity tracker can help you with this. 

If the following tips do not work to help your ED, then ask about one of the several medications available to help you maintain an erection.