Answers For Hair Restoration Therapy Patients

Hair loss is one of the most embarrassing cosmetic problems a person can experience. However, this is an issue that is extremely common. While hair restoration therapy can offer patients the opportunity to restore much or all of their hair, there is a lot that people don't understand about it. Read this article to learn more. 

Is Hair Restoration Therapy Only Effective For Men?

Male pattern baldness can be the most common type of hair loss. As a result, there are many treatments that may be specially designed for men. However, there are a variety of hair restoration therapies that can be effective for anyone regardless of their gender. For example, using platelet-rich plasma is a procedure that can produce dramatic gains in hair growth regardless of a patient's gender. Meeting with a hair restoration therapy professional will allow you to learn the types of results you can expect from each of the major types of hair loss treatments. These consultations may use computer imaging or other advanced techniques to further help patients with this option.

Will You Have To Undergo Surgery To Permanently Correct Your Hair Loss?

Many cosmetic procedures will require patients to endure painful surgeries in order to have noticeable benefits. While individuals may assume that hair restoration therapy will also require painful surgery, this procedure actually only involves a series of injections. These injections are needed so that the platelet-rich plasma can be delivered to the hair follicles. The growth and healing hormones in these injections can help to promote the recovery of the treated follicles so that the patient's hair growth can resume. During the initial day or two following these treatment sessions, there can be some bruising that may occur. While these areas may be tender and visibly bruised, these effects will fade quickly as the scalp can heal very quickly from minor injuries.

Can Hair Restoration Therapy Provide Immediate Results?

For individuals that have started to noticeably lose their hair, it is common to want the most rapid treatment available. However, these patients will need to understand that some hair loss procedures will require considerable time before the results are obvious. Platelet-rich plasma injections help to promote the growth of your natural hair. This can lead to patients needing to wait weeks or longer before they have noticeable improvements. Patients will usually require multiple sessions in order to get the full effects of this hair loss prevention option. While this may be one of the slower options for restoring your hair, the hair will be fully natural, and this can provide for a more natural appearance.