How Can a Sports Medicine Doctor Help Injured Athletes?

Sports are healthy for your body and mind. Unfortunately, while playing hard, you may eventually get hurt. Young people are more prone to ignoring their injuries, and sports culture that encourages players to "walk it off" doesn't help. Your body is the only one you'll ever have, which means you need to take good care of it. Proper treatment of sports injuries will enable you to participate in your favorite activities for your whole life. Here are a few of the ways a sports medicine doctor can help you:

1. Examining Injuries

Some sports injuries are relatively minor. Twisting a joint or landing on it improperly can cause temporary pain and swelling. When severe pain occurs, or the injury doesn't seem to be getting better, you should seek medical attention. A sports medicine doctor can thoroughly examine your injuries. They will palpate the injury to check your pain response. They may also order X-rays to make sure you haven't fractured a bone or torn a ligament. A professional examination can give you peace of mind and help your doctor determine the next necessary steps.

2. Sports Taping

If nothing is fractured, your body may simply need time to heal. Stability is vital for healing joints. Stabilized joints are less likely to become injured further. Your doctor may decide to tape your damaged joint to keep it from moving. This will lessen the amount of friction within your body, which will help to minimize your inflammation. The doctor will apply flexible, durable sports tape to your afflicted joint, and then give you care instructions for it. Sports tape can safely be left in place for an extended amount of time, and many patients find it lessens their pain.

3. Orthopedic Surgery

Ideally, non-invasive treatment options will be enough to heal your sports injury. Unfortunately, some injuries require surgery. Torn tendons and ligaments must be surgically repaired, and severely damaged joints may need to be replaced. Orthopedic surgery may sound like a big step, but it can offer undeniable results, including relief from pain and full use of your body.

4. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an essential component of injury treatment. Even after your sports injury has healed, you may not be entirely pain-free. Some injuries, like those brought on by repetitive stress, can recur unless steps are taken to strengthen the surrounding muscles. During physical therapy, your sports medicine doctor will teach you to build muscle to stabilize weak joints. They will help you regain your body's full capabilities, so you can continue playing the sports you love.

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