How To Get More Out Of Your Ketamine Infusion Experience

If the more common prescription drugs used to treat depression have not given you relief, then one treatment your doctor may recommend next is a ketamine infusion. Ketamine is introduced to the body via an IV, and it can have a profound, positive impact on your mental health. There are a few tips that you should follow, though, in order to ensure you get the most out of your ketamine IV infusion therapy.

Spend a day relaxing and setting your intentions.

Make sure the day before your ketamine infusion is spent relaxing and getting into a positive mindset. Do some reading and journaling, meditate, or make some art. Ketamine is a psychoactive medication, and like most psychoactive medications, it can perpetuate whatever mental state you are in when you are taking it. If you can manage to arrive at your appointment feeling confident, comfortable, and relaxed, you will have a more pleasant and rewarding treatment session.

Set some intentions for your session, too. For example, you could write down three goals for your treatment. Recall these to mind as you're heading into the doctor's office and as the infusion is beginning. 

Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis before your treatment.

If you normally use alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis, make sure you stop using these substances as early as possible before your ketamine treatment. You should certainly avoid them on the day of your infusion. If you can stop using them one week before, that is even better. These substances can interfere with the action of ketamine and can keep you from having as deep of an experience as you would have without them. After treatment, many patients emerge with far less of an urge to turn back to these substances, so look at your avoidance of them as the start of some new, healthy habits!

Talk to someone.

If you have a therapist, talk to them about your ketamine infusion before and after you have the treatment. If you do not have a therapist, find a friend who you feel comfortable confiding in. It is important to be able to put into words what you experience during these treatments, and talking to someone is a great way to do that. A therapist who can offer supportive feedback on what ketamine teaches you and does for you is best, but talking to a friend is better than nothing.

Ketamine infusions can be really helpful for patients with stubborn depression. With the tips above, you can have a very powerful and rewarding experience with ketamine.