4 Reasons To Seek Rehabilitative Care

When an accident, illness, or injury occurs, a doctor's first priority is preventing loss of life. However, after lifesaving measures are taken and patients have received all the immediate care they need, the healing process truly begins. Many illnesses and injuries take weeks or months to fully heal. Getting the right care during this time is crucial for a prompt and effective recovery. Rehabilitative care workers, such as physical therapists and speech therapists, can offer the kinds of care that patients need. Here are four reasons to seek rehabilitative care:

1. Surgery

Surgery is sometimes required to treat physical problems. Recovering from invasive surgery can take some time, and it's important for patients to follow all of their doctors' instructions during this time. Rehabilitative care can help patients recover their body functions after surgical procedures. Daily strengthening exercises and careful stretching can help patients regain their muscle tone and range of motion.

2. Accidents

Accidents can cause injuries, whether they are car accidents, bike accidents, or accidents that occur in the home. Falling accidents are a concern, especially for senior citizens. If you injure yourself in an accident, the services of a physical therapist can help you correct any damage done to your body. Seeking prompt physical therapy after ruling out serious injuries can help you prevent avoidable stiffness and pain that lingers for years.

3. Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are common in adults, especially those who need to perform repetitive tasks at their jobs. Factory workers and food service workers are prone to RSIs, but so are people who type all day. RSIs include syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome, and they can cause significant pain over time. Physical therapists can teach patients ways to minimize the strain they put on parts of their bodies. They can also offer cold therapy, deep tissue massages, and exercises to strengthen commonly used body parts.

4. Stroke

Strokes occur when a person's brain suddenly stops receiving enough blood, which deprives the brain of oxygen. They are more common in seniors, but anyone can have a stroke. Following a stroke, some people lose the ability to control half of their bodies. Aphasia, or loss of speech, is another common side effect. Intensive physical therapy sessions can help patients recover from the physical consequences of a stroke. Meanwhile, speech therapy can help people with aphasia recover some or all of their linguistic faculties.

For more information about rehabilitative care, contact a physical therapy center in your area, such as Dominion Physical Therapy.