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Health Benefits Of Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Interventions

People who have undergone surgery understand the complexity of the recovery process. Patients need a workable post-op care plan that prevents the surgical injury from worsening and instead speed up the recovery process. To this end, many people usually take up physical therapy after surgery to manage their recovery process. In post-surgical rehabilitation, physical therapy helps patients regain mobility, flexibility, and strength in their quest for a full recovery. Experienced physical therapists assess a patient before customizing a recovery plan that best suits their needs.

Three Things to Understand About Getting a Gastric Sleeve

There are several types of weight loss surgeries and procedures, so it helps to look at all of them to determine the right choice for you. The surgeries fall into two categories: malabsorptive and restrictive. The malabsorptive surgeries involve removing some of the small intestine so food isn't fully absorbed. Restrictive surgery involves making the stomach smaller so it can't hold as much food. Gastric sleeve surgery makes your stomach smaller, so it's a restrictive surgery.

Three Reasons Why You Should Swallow Your Pride And Get A Hearing Test

For many people, hearing tests are something to be avoided. Nobody likes to admit that they're getting older, and sometimes people feel like admitting that they might have a hearing problem is doing just that. However, getting your hearing tested is something you should strongly consider doing if you or others have noticed that you don't seem to be hearing as well as you once did. If you're having trouble making yourself do it, here's three good reasons why you really should.

Parent Not Hearing Well? How To Help Them

If your parent is not hearing well, you need to take steps to help them. This can be dangerous for them especially if they are still driving. If your parent has an alarm system in their home and it went off, they may not hear the alarm. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help them. Below is information about this so you can get started. Visit an Audiologist

4 Reasons To Seek Rehabilitative Care

When an accident, illness, or injury occurs, a doctor's first priority is preventing loss of life. However, after lifesaving measures are taken and patients have received all the immediate care they need, the healing process truly begins. Many illnesses and injuries take weeks or months to fully heal. Getting the right care during this time is crucial for a prompt and effective recovery. Rehabilitative care workers, such as physical therapists and speech therapists, can offer the kinds of care that patients need.