Common Concerns About Cataracts Answered

Changes to your eyes are a natural part of the aging process. Unfortunately, many of these changes can result in severe vision acuity issues, and this can be particularly true for those that are suffering from cataracts. Being an informed patient about cataracts may help you to better understand how to correct it and what you should expect from these treatments. What Exactly Are Cataracts? Cataracts are essentially blurry films that start to gather on the lens of the eye.

2 Ways That A Funeral Home Can Assist With A Military Service

A funeral home can help you out when it comes to planning just about any type of funeral service, but they are particularly useful when it comes to helping you plan a military funeral. Listed below are two ways that a funeral home can assist you with planning an appropriate military service. Headstone One of the most important ways that a funeral home can assist military service is by coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to help you get a headstone for your deceased loved one.

Yikes! Unexplained Lower Back Pain In Children — A Guide For Parents

Lower back pain is something that many people associate with being an adult. This is why it can be scary for a parent to have their child report lower back pain to them, especially if there is not an obvious cause, such as an injury. The following are a few things that could cause your child to have this type of back pain. Use of Heavy Items If your child carries their school supplies in a backpack, it could be too heavy for them to carry on their back.

Not The Right Combination? 3 Reasons You Need A Compound Pharmacy

Does your current pharmacy provide compounding services? If it doesn't, you need to find one in your area that does. Unlike pharmacies that dispense only mass-produced medications, compound pharmacies can dispense medications that go through a process known as compounding. Through compounding, medication can be modified to fit your specific needs. Here are just three reasons why you need a compounding pharmacy. You Need a Better Method for Pain Management

Three Things Parents Need to Know About Rodent Allergies

If your child suffers from year-round allergies symptoms inside your home, you can assume that something inside the house is causing the reaction. While you may think dust, pet dander, and mold at first, there are many other things that could cause allergic reactions year-round, like rodents. Here are three things parents need to know about rodent allergies. What are the signs of rodent allergies? If your child is allergic to rodents, they may suffer from general allergy symptoms like a runny or itchy nose.