Common Misconceptions About The Abortion Pill

If you are facing an unwanted pregnancy, you may be considering taking the abortion pill — more formally known as mifepristone and misoprostol. This medication can be prescribed to women who are no more than 10 weeks along in their pregnancy, triggering what's known as a medical abortion. Taking the abortion pill is the right choice for many women, but it is still a big choice to make, so it is a choice you want to make based on solid facts, not misconceptions.

Weight Loss Services & The Mediterranean Diet

Weight loss is not always easy. In fact, most people try several methods of weight loss before they are successful. This is why weight loss services offer so many different options, including a variety of lifestyle changes you can make that help you lose weight in a healthy manner. If you've been thinking about trying on a new lifestyle, you may have been considering the Mediterranean diet. This is a diet you may have heard of from a weight loss clinic, and it may be beneficial for you.

A Medical Scribe Can Improve Your Role As A Physician

If you are a physician or you work in a physician's office, you may have been trying to find a way to make the office run more smoothly. While you may have considered a lot of options, you may not have considered a medical scribe. A medical scribe helps the physician keep track of notes and other pertinent information. Scribes can be on the scene or virtual, and they provide a number of useful benefits.

How To Make Physical Therapy A More Effective Part Of Your Injury Rehab Process

When you become injured, either while playing sports or working, the rehabilitation process can seem daunting. It's tough to take time off when you're used to being active! One part of the injury rehab process is working with a physical therapist. You'll have regular sessions during which they guide you through exercises to stretch and strengthen the injured tissues. Physical therapy can be one of the most effective — if not the most effective — parts of your rehab routine.